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International conference and exhibition of effective residence & citizenship and tax solutions for HNWI with focus made on Eastern European clients.


  • Format

    The event will be a platform for exchange of experience in individual and corporate asset planning, personal and business relocation, banking services in fast changing environment.


  • Target Market

    • 30+ countries
    • 200+ delegates
    • 150+ companies

    Guarantee the brilliant opportunity to meet successful colleagues and clients from various jurisdictions and to find new solutions for your business and your clients’ needs.


  • Audience

    Professional intermediaries – 75% (relocation advisors, banks, audit and law firms, asset management companies, investment funds, family offices and others) as well as business owners and TOP-managers – 25% (big and medium-sized companies).


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  • BPT Immigration

    BPT Immigration is a leading international consulting company providing services in obtaining temporary and permanent residence permits as well as gaining citizenship of the developed world states. It is an


Vadym Polyakov

Vadym Polyakov

BPT Immigration
Presentation topic:
Presentation 1: Business-immigration in Europe. Opportunities, procedures, guarantees and grounds. Slovakia. Presentation 2: Enhancing business security in aggressive environmnent.


Bank of Cyprus Group

Bank of Cyprus Group

The Bank of Cyprus Group was founded in 1899 and is the leading banking and financial services group in Cyprus, providing a wide range of financial products and services which