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CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd

CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd (trading as CDA) represents 43 of the most progressive, modern and advanced top tier developing and construction companies in Cyprus with over 3000 quality properties available for sale in its portfolio and is therefore in a unique position to address the particular needs of the potential real estate investors, including those wishing to obtain a Cyprus passport, in a tailor made, impartial and time saving manner. CDA Cyprus Developers Alliance Ltd is a diligent and highly ethical company with a track record of the highest quality service and a 100% satisfied customer base and is now actively promoting the attractive Cyprus residency and citizenship by investment programmes to potential investors in cooperation with KPMG.

Experienced specialists and directors of the Alliance individually consult property buyers and investors for citizenship programme on a constant basis, offering from a wide variety namely those investment solutions that address clients’ goals and wishes to the best.

KPMG carries out legal and administrative part of all the processes related to the property acquisition, investment, filing of the applications and acquisition of citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus.

Second utterly important activity of the Alliance is attraction of direct foreign investments into Cyprus economy. The Alliance actively cooperates with institutional investors, non-governmental pension funds, private investors from various countries. We offer exclusive opportunities in the field of development, tourism and energy sectors on the island.


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Ассоциация адвокатов Украины

The All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Advocates’ Association”

The All-Ukrainian Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Advocates’ Association” (the UAA) is a young developing organization founded by the Bar representatives of 20 regions of Ukraine.

The main objectives of the UAA are:

– the unification of Ukrainian attorneys in order to promote the development and strengthening of the bar institution;
– the increase of the level of legal assistance;
– the increase of the role and authority of the bar in the society;
– the protection of rights and satisfaction of legal interests of the Association members.

To achieve its aim the UAA sets the following tasks:

– the promotion of forming a legal state in Ukraine;
– the promotion of the legal culture and legal conscience increase;
– the promotion of the increase of the bar institution role in the Ukrainian society;
– the promotion of the harmonization of the Ukrainian legislation with the EU one and its reformation with the use of the developed democratic countries experience;
– the promotion of the development of rendering legal assistance in Ukraine;
– the promotion of the professional development of attorneys and spread of ethic standards of behavior among them;
– the promotion of strengthening of the existing legal rules regarding rights protection and providing attorneys’ guarantees.