The «DOMNAMORE CHERNOGORIYA» company successfully works for more than 10 years at the real estate market in Montenegro. We are engaged in construction and sale of ready housing and also rendering a full range of the accompanying services. On our web-site you can see the objects constructed by us, and also all perspective offers in Montenegro. We are constantly monitoring the situation on the real estate market and we complement and update our database with new offers, which allows our customers to find quickly what they need. We take care of the whole procedure of transaction support, for which we take full responsibility. During the process you will be accompanied by the personal agent, starting from the receipt of the application and until the deal is completed. Contact us and we will help you to realize your dream. The company «DOMNAMORE CHERNOGORIYA» is always glad to offer you a full support on issues such as: car rental, construction, repair and design, as well as furnishing your property. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them!