Подтвердить свои лидирующие позиции на рынке Вы можете, использовав возможность быть представленными на конференции на самом высоком уровне.

В наших Спонсорских пакетах возможности, которые получают экспоненты и докладчики, объединены с эксклюзивными маркетинговыми инструментами, которые включают приоритетное время для доклада, приоритетное место для Вашего стенда, приоритетное размещение информации в конференционных материалах и многое другое.

Мы будем рады по Вашему запросу на info@intax-group.com предоставить Вам информацию о том как стать Спонсором и получить максимальный эффект от участия в конференции.

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 Our firm

Bilanz-Data is a Certified Tax Law and Accounting Office established in 1987. The founder of the offices, Mr. Erich Baier, MBA, LL.M. (Int’l Tax Law), was born in 1956 in Vienna, Austria. He made his practice years in a large accounting firm already during his studies at the University of Economics and Business Administration in Vienna. Having successfully passed his professional exams the Austrian Ministry of Economic Affaires awarded him the title Certified Tax Advisor.

Our services
Confronted with an always faster changing world of taxes and business situations our clients can rely on our experience in these areas. Not only finding solutions for problems our clients might face but planning ahead to smooth the way for our clients is our daily routine.

Among other activities services for our clients include: 

Financial accounting
Book keeping and financial accounting is not as spectacular as international transactions, nevertheless performed fast and precisely this data is a cornerstone of the daily business. A large number of useful information can be extracted from these figures and build the basis for further decisions. Quite obviously we are prepared to provide these services in English and in German and with the help of our modern software we are ready to submit information according to the wishes of our clients.

Annual accounts and tax returns
Setting up annual accounts and filing tax returns is always a very delicate situation for the client. Backed with our experience and equipped with the feeling for the demands of our clients they feel comfortable and safe when this work is done by our firm.
Negotiating specific situations with the local tax authorities before filing annual accounts and tax returns is an additional service for our clients and is highly appreciated by them.

Taxation and tax planning
When it comes to taxes one almost never can stop. Either to complain about or to make use of all the possibilities existing in tax law. For the benefit of our clients we decided not to complain about taxes but to show, and we do that very successfully, how tax law can be utilized for the benefit of a company or an individual. The reorganisation of a business taxwise, the establishment and management of Private Foundations and of holding companies and working out international structures saving taxes for our clients are areas of our professional practice, where we feel fine to work in and this is reflected by the satisfaction of our clients.

Other activities of our firm inthis area are:

  • Corporate and individual tax planning
  • Inheritance and gift tax planning
  • Corporate reorganisations
  • Mergers
  • Tax litigation
  • Representation of clients in front of tax authorities
  • Working out and obtaining advance tax rulings with respect to the tax consequences of planned transactions
  • VAT matters
  • Tax aspects of the establishment of companies and corporations
  • Fiduciary services
  • Nominee and trustee services
  • Administration services

Please contact us for a personal meeting !
Tax law and accounting office
Austria, 1010 Vienna, Schwarzenbergstraße 1-3/14a
Phone: (**43 1) 516 12 0
Fax: (**43 1)516 12 14
mail: baier@austrian-taxes.com


Главный банковский спонсор

Norvik Banka

Norvik Banka

Банк был основан 29 апреля 1992 года и является одним из старейших коммерческих банков Латвии. Он был основан как «Латвийский экономический коммерческий банк», затем переименован в ЛАТЭКО Банк, а с 2006 года банк носит имя „Norvik Banka”.

В конце 2013 года мажоритарным акционером Norvik Banka стал ведущий партнер лондонского инвестиционного фонда G2 Capital Partners Григорий Гусельников.

Основная ценность банка – это наши клиенты, получающие качественный сервис. Их число достигло уже 151 тысячи и продолжает увеличиваться.

Клиенты ждут от Банка скорости, надежности, отсутствия ненужных хлопот при проведении их операций, поэтому мы предлагаем:

• быстрые и недорогие переводы, в том числе и UNIstream;
• 100% внутрибанковских переводов осуществляются мгновенно и в полностью автоматическом режиме;
• более 50% всех внешних переводов осуществляются в автоматическом режиме. SWIFT появляется в виде JPEG файла в выписке клиента в системе e-NORVIK;
• быстрое открытие счетов;
• высокий уровень сервиса;
• депозитные программы;
• субординированные вклады и ВНЖ;
• маржинальные сделки;
• брокерское обслуживание;
• полный спектр карточек VISA и MasterСard.

У Norvik Banka самая обширная филиальная сеть среди банков в Латвии – открыто уже более 80 центров обслуживания клиентов, также банк имеет представительство в Москве, РФ.

На текущий момент в банке работает более 600 человек.



Спонсор пакетов участников


Piraeus Bank Group

Piraeus Bank Group

Founded in 1916, Piraeus Bank operated as a private credit institution for many decades, while it went through a state ownership for the period 1975-1991 until it was privatized in December 1991. Since then and through organic growth and a series of successful acquisitions it has rapidly grown in size and activities, representing today the leading Bank in Greece with 30% market share in terms of loans and 29% in terms of deposits. With presence in 10 counties mainly is South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, Cyprus and Egypt, Piraeus Bank Group offers a full range of financial products and services to approximately 7mn customers.

In June 2013, the Bank was recapitalized following PSI implementation, achieving the highest private participation among the Greek systemic banks, in both absolute and relative terms. In addition in April 2014, Piraeus Bank successfully completed a €1.75 bn capital increase. The new shares were offered to institutional and other special investors internationally and to investors in Greece, both displaying great response, demonstrating their trust towards the prospects of Piraeus Bank and the Greek economy. This capital increase has further strengthened Piraeus’ Common Equity Tier-1 ratio at 14.5%, according to the new Basel III framework.

Piraeus Bank (Cyprus) Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Piraeus Bank S.A., Piraeus Bank Cyprus is licensed by The Central Bank of Cyprus and made a dynamic entrance to the Cypriot market in 2008 through the acquisition of the local Arab Bank operations. Despite the currently adverse conditions in Cyprus, the bank continues to have strong capital adequacy and liquidity.

With a network of 20 branches and business units all over Cyprus and more than 300 employees, the Bank offers a full range of banking and investment services, including: International Banking, Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, Wealth Management, Custody Services, Treasury Sales, Trade Finance, and Escrow Services.