Продвигайте Вашу компанию еще до начала конференции, представьте ее более чем 300 профессионалам со всего мира, лично общайтесь с максимальным количеством делегатов INTAX EXPO и донесите информацию о Ваших услугах при помощи экспозиционного стенда. И это еще не все!

Чтобы получить информацию о преимуществах участия в качестве экспонента и получить наше специальное предложение, свяжитесь с нами по электронной почте info@intax-group.com

Информация об экспонентах будет обновляться на этой странице по мере подтверждения их участниками.

  Все в сборе, ждем

только тебя!






ABLV Bank — крупнейший независимый частный банк Латвии, предоставляющий клиентам из стран СНГ и Балтии банковские, инвестиционные и консультационные услуги. Наша штаб-квартира расположена в Риге, дочерний банк — в Люксембурге, а представительства ABLV — в Москве, Санкт-Петербурге, Владивостоке, Киеве, Одессе, Минске, Алматы, Баку, Ташкенте, Гонконге, Лимасоле и Нью-Йорке.

Банк предоставляет клиентам такие востребованные продукты и услуги как платежный сервис, инвестиционные продукты, сберегательные и депозитные счета, платежные карты, документарные операции, займы и т.д.

Команда приватбанкиров ABLV является крупнейшей и сильнейшей в Латвии — более 70 профессионалов, которые при необходимости привлекают к решению вопросов других специалистов.


Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free zone is located in Ajman, which is one of the seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates. The zone was established in 1988 and was granted an autonomous status under Emiri Decree # 3 of 1996 as issued by H.H Sheikh Humaid Bin Rashid Al Nuami, Ruler of Ajman.

Ajman Free Zone is widely recognized as entrepreneurs’’ heaven today with its package of unbeatable advantages.

Advantages of setting up in Ajman Free Zone:

1.100% ownership
2.100% repatriation of capital
3.Resident visa for the investors and them families
4.Company set up in 24 hours
5.World class infrastructure
6.Low lease prices
7.Lowest tariffs in the region
8.First free zone to offer installments
9.First free zone to offer 100 sq. m warehouse
10.Now we will be the first free zone offering market intelligence to new investors

Strategically situated at the entrance of the Arabian Gulf, Ajman Free Zone is well placed to serve the eastern and western markets to set up a business. Ajman’s proximity to Sharjah and Dubai provides easy accessibility to the two international airports and four ports. Ajman port serving over 1000 vessels in a year has emerged as an important maritime focal point today. For businesses, accruing an Ajman Free Zone license is the best way to find a reasonable location to set up the business.

Type of Licenses with packages including different options (business center, smart offices, executive offices and warehouses):

1.Commercial License – Starting Package Price USD 3260
General Trading – Starting Package Price USD 4690
E-Commerce – Starting Package Price USD 4930
2.Professional Service License – Starting Package Price USD 3975
3.Industrial License – USD 2500 plus warehouse fees according to the size

Required Documents:

1.Passport copy with six month validity
2.Entry stamp or visa copy
3.One Color Photograph
4.Business plan is required for Industrial and Service Licenses

Ajman Free Zone will be at the forefront of Company formation services and continually develop its suite of products to meet the needs of its customers.


AMADLAW Management Consultancy Ltd

AMADLAW Management Consultancy Ltd

AMADLAW Management Consultancy Ltd

AMADLAW Management Consultancy is a Registered Agent fully certified by Dubai Local Authority to provide Legal Services on the whole territory of the United Arab Emirates.

Rich practical experience, unique team combination, solid ethics, and stable partner relationships provide AMADLAW with outstanding results.

The ability of the company to consider the clients’ needs as its own enables to gain a positive and lasting impact on our clients’ overall strategy, reputation and growth.

We specialize in the following services:

• Offshore & Onshore Company Formation in UAE
• Opening personal and corporate bank accounts in UAE
• Investor Visa support in UAE
• Legalization of international documents
• Support and maintenance of the real estate in UAE
• Other legal issues in UAE

For more information, please visit our website:

Contact details:
secretary@amadlaw.com, chief@amadlaw.com, sicomd@usa.com

By telephone: +971 4 4216613 +971 50 5010325 +971 50 5010245

Address: PO BOX 112344, Dubai, UAE
Emarat Atrium, Sheikh Zayed Road, Level 4, office 423, Dubai, UAE.

A & P Intertrust Corporation

A & P Intertrust Corporation

A & P Intertrust Corporation

A & P Intertrust Corporation – это канадская федеральная корпорация, член Better Business Bureau, член Canadian Federation of Independent Business и официальный Corporate Search House зарегистрированный в Industry Canada.

Партнер компании A & P Intertrust (Belize) Limited является зарегистрированным агентом в Белизе, который лицензирован и регулируется Belize International Financial Services Commission и который является членом Belize International Financial Services Association.

За 14 лет в бизнесе компания A & P Intertrust стала хорошо известным и надежным провайдером, обслуживающим свыше 10 000 клиентов из более, чем 50 стран.

Перечень услуг включает:

• Регистрацию компаний в Канаде, США, БВО, Невисе и Панаме.
• Услуги зарегистрированного агента в Канаде и Белизе.
• Помощь с открытием банковских счетов в Канаде, США, Латвии, Сент-Винсент, Сингапуре, Кипре,    Белизе, Сейшеллах и Англии.
• Помощь с открытием мерчант счетов в Канаде и Белизе.
• Помощь с получение финансовых лицензий от Belize IFSC (включая Форекс, защита и управление активами, торговля финансовыми и commodity-based derivative instruments и т.д.).
• Услуги по поддержке компаний (обновление компаний, виртуальный офис, номинальные услуги и т.д.).

A & P Intertrust Corporation
Address: 45B West Wilmot Street, Suite 202, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 2P3, Canada
Tel: +1-905-762-0703
Toll Free: 1-866-208-7878
Skype: apintertrustint




The APOLLO Group has grown and evolved into one of the leading and highly respected independent service providers, specializing in the fields of Corporate and Financial Consulting, Company, Foundation and Trust Formation and Administration, and Fiduciary services, Ships& Yachts Registration, Legal Advice and Representation services, Accounting and book-keeping services and operating from six independent fully fledged offices. Having multi-lingual professionals and supporting staff, with significant expertise in the financial and corporate industry makes the Group capable of providing a fully comprehensive collection of Services to its international Clientele.

The APOLLO Group is entirely owned by its management. The Group has built its reputation by being fully committed to a Business Philosophy and working environment, which ensures guaranteed Strict Confidentiality, High Quality and Service Excellence for our Clientele. From APOLLO offices in London, Seychelles, Nicosia, Hong Kong, Kiev and Moscow the Group serves an international clientele of small to medium sized business, high net-worth individuals and consultants. Through our group of companies Apollo Business Solutions Ltd, Apollo Associates Ltd , Apollo International Ltd and unrivalled expertise we helped thousands of clients to establish robust and workable solutions.


AS Meridian Trade Bank

AS Meridian Trade Bank

AS Meridian Trade Bank

AS «Meridian Trade Bank» — универсальный латвийский банк, который успешно работает на финансовом рынке с частными и корпоративными клиентами более 20 лет, постоянно расширяя спектр предлагаемых финансовых услуг европейского уровня.

Банк имеет хорошо развитую сеть центров обслуживания клиентов на территории Латвии, филиал в Литве и представительство в Москве.

В фокусе интересов Банка находятся малые и средние частные предприятия в различных отраслях экономики, в том числе в строительстве, экспедировании и перевалке грузов, торговле, туризме.

Миссия Банка заключается в предоставлении высококачественных финансовых услуг широкого спектра на основе современных технологий и в сочетании с индивидуальным подходом и пожеланиями каждого клиента. Деятельность Банка нацелена на долговременное взаимовыгодное сотрудничество и стабильный рост, способствующий развитию хозяйственных связей в регионе.

Головной офис AS «Meridian Trade Bank»
ул. Элизабетес 57, Рига, LV-1050, Латвия
Тел.: +371 67019153
Факс: +371 67019149

Baker Tilly Capital

Baker Tilly Capital

Baker Tilly Capital

«Baker Tilly Capital, LLC» – инвестиционный банк-бутик, специализирующийся на услугах в областях слияний и поглощений компаний (Mergers & Acquisitions), поиска источников капиталовложений, финансирования проектов и консультаций по корпоративным финансам. «Baker Tilly Capital» имеет конкретное разрешение от американского регулятора «Financial Industry Regulatory Authority» (FINRA) на осуществление брокерской деятельности по продаже инвестиционных бумаг, выпущенных в рамках программы EB-5 (иммиграция в США по программе инвестиций). В рамках программы EB-5 компания сотрудничает с региональными центрами и миграционными посредниками, предлагая инвестиционные проекты для инвесторов, желающих получить статус постоянного резидента США.

Команду «Baker Tilly Capital» возглавляют инвестиционные банкиры и специалисты по корпоративному финансированию, имеющие богатый опыт работы с клиентами в сферах поиска стратегических и альтернативных источников капитала, структурирования и осуществления сделок как в случаях продажи, так и при приобретении бизнеса, а также поиска затратоэффективных альтернатив финансирования и источников капитала.

«Baker Tilly Capital» является дочерним предприятием аудиторской и консалтинговой компании «Baker Tilly Virchow Krause, LLP» 12-й по масштабу аудиторской фирмы в США и крупнейшим членом международной сети «Baker Tilly International». «Baker Tilly Capital» часто взаимодействует с «Baker Tilly Virchow Krause» в предоставлении клиентам-иммигрантам услуг по международному налоговому планированию. Компания также сотрудничает с другими фирмами-членами сети «Baker Tilly International» по всему миру с целью оказания клиентам услуг исключительного качества.


BDO Malta

BDO Malta

BDO Malta

Основанная в 1978, БДО Мальта продолжает успешно развиваться и предоставлять широкий спектр финасовых услуг Мальтийским и иностранным клиентам. Наша команда включает высококвалифицированных специалистов, зарекомендованных в различных сферах финасовых услуг, главным образом, в аудите, в прямом и косвенном налоообложении, включая соблюдение и консультирование, полный аутсорсинг бухгалтерского учета, юридические и консалтинговые услуги, фидуциарные услуги, банковские услуги, регистрацию и постановку на учёт компаний, административные услуги, услуги директора и секретаря, услуги по регистрации морских судов, формирование трастов и фондов, создание фондов предлагающих различные виды налогового планирования, и мы также выступаем в качестве лицензированных агентов по программе индивидуального инвестора.

Глядя в будущее, мы планируем улучшать качество наших услуг основываясь на 5 составляющих компонентах: потребности клиентов, коммуникация, выполнение обязательств, человеческий фактор и рациональное ценообразование.


CIM Banque

CIM Banque

CIM Banque

Более 25 лет CIM Banque предлагает лучший банковский сервис: текущие счета, управление частными финансами, коммерческие счета, электронные банковские услуги, международные переводы, управление портфелем ценных бумаг. С помощью наших мультивалютных счетов Вы получаете доступ ко всем банковским операциям, используя личный или коммерческий счет. А также для Ваших ежедневных расходов мы предлагаем Вам большой выбор кредитных и дебетовых карт.

CIM Banque – это современный инвестиционный банк с персонализированным подходом к нуждам своих клиентов, поскольку каждый клиент уникален. Гибкость и конкурентоспособность являются нашими основными характеристиками.

Швейцария славится своей исторической, экономической и политической стабильностью, банковскими традициями, надежностью и профессионализмом своих приват-банкиров, а также уважением к конфиденциальности клиентов. Мы уверены, что именно открытость отношений между банком и клиентом создает доверие и долгосрочные взаимовыгодные отношения.

CIM Banque является частным швейцарским банком, членом Ассоциации Швейцарских Банков.


ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited

ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited

ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited

ConnectedSky Legal & Corporate Consultants Limited (“CONNECTEDSKY”) was founded in December 2009, however it started its full-fledged operations in 2011. Today, CONNECTEDSKY is a global provider of professional services ranging from corporate, legal and tax advisory to risk management, assurance, and industry inside help thereby, offering an effective solution to the needs of businessmen, corporate bodies and any other institutions.

Our remarkable deliverance of unique solutions and projects over the single course of five years positively represents our vision and ambition for future undertakings. We stand as Corporate Services Provider of choice for clients from all over the world. Private individuals and corporations, major banks and other financial institutions, multi-million groups of companies, trusts and foundations rely on CONNECTEDSKY for tailor-made solutions and advice.

The core areas of practice of CONNECTEDSKY are the following:

— Company Formations and Full Management in Over 65 Jurisdictions
— Formation and Full Management of Foundations and Trusts Worldwide
— Formation of Cyprus Investments Firms and Alternative Investment Funds
— International Tax Planning
— Mergers & Acquisitions and Cross-border Mergers
— Family Office
— Fiduciary, Trustee, Administrative and Secretarial Services Worldwide
— Obtaining Cyprus and Foreign Citizenship and Residency
— International Compliance
— International Corporate Intelligence
— Opening and Maintenance of Bank Accounts Worldwide
— Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Audit Assistance.

CONNECTEDSKY is also associated with C. Samir & Co. LLC, a firm of advocates and legal consultants duly incorporated under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, a holder of the exclusive rights of SILFA (Staubach International Law Firm Alliance) for Cyprus and a top tier Cyprus Law Firm recognized by Legal500 and IFLR1000.

Our international presence includes:


We understand that business in general transcends deals and transactions. Hence, we pride ourselves on becoming trusted advisers whilst establishing profound long-term relationships with our clients. Accordingly, it is our vision that “We Grow When You Grow”.


ComForm Solutions Limited

ComForm Solutions Limited

ComForm Solutions Limited

Компания Comform Solutions Limited была основана в 2007 году и вот уже почти 10 лет успешно помогает своим клиентам в вопросах регистрации и сопровождения юридических лиц по всему Объединенному Королевству, включая Англию, Шотландию, Уэльс и Северную Ирландию.

Компания предоставляет услуги ежегодного сопровождения, административного и бухгалтерского обслуживания компаний, а также легализации документов в любых посольствах Лондона, регистрации номера плательщика НДС, получении сертификатов, почтовых адресов и многие другие.

Офисы Comform Solutions Limited расположены в Лондоне и в Риге для максимального удобства клиентов.
Конкурентоспособные цены, качество и оперативность исполнения заказов, а также индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту делают Comform Solutions Limited идеальным партнером для успешного долгосрочного сотрудничества.

Цель компании — содействовать развитию бизнеса своих Клиентов.


DF Advocates

DF Advocates

DF Advocates

DF Advocates is a Malta-based law firm advising clients on general and complex business transactions and assisting in disputes across a range of industries and sectors.

The practice has established itself as a prominent commercial law firm covering various practice areas, including immigration law, funds and investment services; banking law; corporate and commercial law; gaming law; litigation and arbitration; public procurement and privatisation; trust and fiduciary services; real estate, yacht and aircraft registration and finance; shipping law; and taxation law, notably international tax planning.

DF Advocates acts for international organisations, private and listed companies, funds and investment service providers, financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals from around the globe. Throughout the years the firm has assisted clients on a multitude of deals and local and cross-border transactions, including the provision of legal assistance and advice on the setting up of businesses and joint ventures; licensing and regulatory matters; mergers and acquisitions; listings; setting up of international corporate structures; and group reorganisations. The firm assists bidders in acquiring and taking control of state-owned entities in the course of privatisation and tender processes, and acts as legal advisor for the Government of Malta in connection with public concessions and tenders.

DF Advocates – Il Piazetta A, Suite 41, Tower Road, Sliema, Malta

www.dfadvocates.comkevin.deguara@dfadvocates.com — +356 2131 3930




FlexFunds creates and administers investment vehicles for Asset Managers. These vehicles are customizable and allow for the packaging of financial portfolios and real assets. They are distributed through a listed Euroclearable security with an ISIN code, price (NAV) calculation, Bloomberg page, trustee services and audit oversight.





Гестион — консалтинговая компания, предоставляющая профессиональные услуги по регистрации и администрированию юридических лиц, содействию в открытии банковских счетов, международному налоговому планированию, юридическому и бухгалтерскому обслуживанию компаний.

Основной специализацией компании является регистрация компаний в оффшорных юрисдикциях (Сейшелы, Британские Виргинские острова, Панама) и низконалоговых зонах (Великобритания, Латвия, Кипр, Гонконг).

Сотрудники компании обладают значительным опытом в сфере юриспруденции, финансов и бухгалтерского учета.

Компания оказывает консультационные услуги в области российского и международного налогового права, в том числе по вопросам налогообложения прибыли контролируемых иностранных компаний в России.

Услуги предоставляются на английском и русском языках.

Наши офисы: Москва, Санкт-Петербург.
Тел.: +7 (495) 287-60-01, +7 (812) 612-00-71
E-mail: info@gestion.ru

G.S.L. Law and Consulting

G.S.L. Law and Consulting

G.S.L. Law and Consulting

G.S.L. Law and Consulting was established in 1999. We are an international law firm with headquarters in Moscow (Russia), and offices in London (UK), Nicosia (Cyprus), Road Town (BVI), and Hong Kong, with license of Administrative Services Provider, issued by Securities and Exchange Commission (Cyprus) and Trust License, issued by Financial Services Commission (BVI).

We provide services if the fields of:

• International tax planning and tax consulting
• Trusts formation and fiduciary services
• Companies formation and administration
• Accounting and audit
• Family office
• Funds and financial services licenses

So, our main area of practice lies in one of the most difficult, and therefore exciting, fields of juridical science – at the joint of law, taxation and corporate finance.


GWS Group

GWS Group

GWS Group

GWS Group is an international trust company and company service provider with offices in the Principality of Liechtenstein and offices in the Emirates, Latvia and Switzerland.

As a leading offshore service provider, the core services of GWS are the formation of international companies, asset protection strucutes as well as residency and re-domicile solutions and citizenships.

GWS is offering full services soltuions for the formation and the managment of international companies and structures. With such global structures, clients can take advantage of international legislation to protect and multiply your wealth. To achieve this, GWS is committed to the highest standards of privacy.

GWS knows exactly what is crucial for clients: Confidentiality. We set standards in the protection of your personal data and provide a professional and confidential environment and is focussing only one thing: Your business success.


Hermes Bank

Hermes Bank

Hermes Bank

One World • One Bank

Hermes Bank is a customer oriented internet based bank, incorporated in Saint Lucia. As a fully regulated financial institution, Hermes Bank conducts international banking business in accordance with worldwide recognised principles and standards of banking.

Having deployed the latest state of art technology and software platforms, Hermes Bank is focusing on reliable and trusted banking experience, secure and confidential environment, customer’s convenience and service of superior quality. The Bank is authorised member of SWIFT, operates with first class Corresponding Banks and can facilitate payments in 47 currencies. Some of the products and services that Hermes Bank offers are Current Accounts, Fixed Term Deposits, Notice Accounts, Cash Management and Prepaid MasterCard.

The Philosophy

Hermes Bank believes that convenience and speed are of utmost importance to all customers, both individual and corporate. Its goal is to offer high quality services in less time and with minimum customer effort. To achieve this, the Bank operates with integrity and commitment in everything it delivers.

At Hermes Bank, everything is Fast, Easy and Secure.


International Overseas Services

International Overseas Services

International Overseas Services

International Overseas Services (I.O.S.) на протяжении более 20 лет оказывает профессиональные услуги по регистрации и обслуживанию компаний как в безналоговых юрисдикциях, так и в других странах мира — Hong Kong, Great Britain, Cyprus, Denmark, Netherlands, Canada, Singapore, United Arab Emirates и др.

Предлагаем широкий перечень сопровождающих услуг, включая:
— Открытие счетов в банках стран Балтии и Западной Европы, а также других стран,
— Бухгалтерские и аудиторские услуги,
— Заверение документов нотариусом, Апостилем или в консульствах,
— Услуги административного офиса, секретарские услуги.

Основными партнёрами и клиентами IOS в сфере регистрационных услуг являются профессиональные участники рынка (аудиторские, юридические, финансовые и консалтинговые фирмы). В то же время, будем рады оказать необходимые консультации также индивидуальному предпринимателю, нуждающемуся в профессиональных регистрационных услугах.


Interstatus Group of Companies

Interstatus Group of Companies

Interstatus Group of Companies

Interstatus Group of Companies основана в 2000 г. Компания занимается привлечением иностранных инвестиций в бизнес клиентов, предоставляет корпоративные, финансовые, юридические, секретарские и административные услуги.

История нашего становления является примером деловой реакции на быстро меняющиеся рыночные условия и запросы клиентов. Офис Компании расположен на Кипре, в историческом центре столицы – г. Никосии.

Наши услуги:

· Привлечение иностранных инвестиций
· Визы и иммиграция на Кипр
· Регистрация и обслуживание компаний в более чем 20 юрисдикциях
· Открытие банковских счетов
· Услуги по подготовке бухгалтерского учета и НДС администрированию
· Независимый аудит компаний
· Юридические услуги
· Бизнес туризм
· Создание и реструктуризация международных холдинговых структур
· Международное налоговое планирование
· Получение лицензий и регистрация товарных знаков на Кипре
· IT услуги для бизнеса

Сотрудники Компании обладают исключительным опытом, позволяющим предлагать клиентам практичные и креативные решения для успешной реализации различных проектов. Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту позволяет нам разрабатывать уникальные и эффективные бизнес решения, достигать поставленных целей в установленные сроки. Компания зарегистрирована в CySEC (Кипрской Комиссии по ценным бумагам и биржам) и является лицензированным провайдером корпоративных и финансовых сервисов.

Доверие – основа нашего бизнеса, Качество – его сила, их сумма – это Результат!


International Registries, Inc.

International Registries, Inc.

International Registries, Inc

International Registries, Inc. and its affiliates (IRI) provide administrative and technical support to the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime and Corporate Registries. IRI has been administering corporate and maritime programs and involved in flag State administration since 1948. The RMI Maritime Registry is the third largest registry in the world, surpassing 140 million gross tons and 4,044 vessels at the end of January 2017.

Each of IRI’s 27 worldwide offices have the ability to incorporate a company, issue a certificate of good standing, register a vessel or yacht, including those under construction, record a mortgage or financing charter, and service clientele. IRI prides itself on providing reliable and prompt service to the international business community.

Thanks to its unparalleled customer service philosophy and excellent reputation as a leading maritime registry, the RMI is the jurisdiction of choice for professionals around the world. In particular, the RMI Corporate Registry is experiencing tremendous success as one of the leading jurisdictions for initial public offerings (IPOs) on major stock exchanges. A significant and growing number of RMI business entities are publicly traded on financial exchanges worldwide.

RMI business entities can be utilized for a variety of purposes including real and intellectual property holdings, asset management, international trade, estate planning, vessel ownership, and IPOs.

Advantages of incorporating in the RMI include:

• Modern Corporate Law
• May Be Formed in One Business Day
• Low Costs
• Free Apostilles
• Confidentiality
• Ease of Maintenance
• Free Redomiciliation


Investa Trust

Investa Trust

Investa Trust

We are a completely independent trust company of private property that offers a personalized service customized for the needs of each client, by acting under strict privacy and confidentiality norms in the administration, planning, holding and protection of assets through the use of trusts, foundations, investment funds and other legal vehicles in different jurisdictions.

Investa Trust has its main offices in Zonamerica (Free Trade Zone) located in Montevideo, Uruguay, which is currently considered the best business and technology location of Latin America.

We provide innovative and customized solutions in tax and estate planning matters as well as asset protection. We offer offshore and onshore incorporation and management services for companies by assisting our clients to go across borders with their businesses reducing through us, the costs and risks of going on their own into an unknown jurisdiction.

Our services include among others: the establishment and administration of companies, private foundations or trusts tailored always designed according to their needs, and the implementation of any specific commercial structures.

Our Offices: Barbados, Curacao, New Zealand, Spain, Uruguay.


Latvijas pasta banka

Latvijas pasta banka

Latvijas pasta banka

Latvijas pasta banka has been successfully operating in the financial market of Latvia since 2008. The Bank provides a wide range of services in international markets for both private persons and companies. At the moment the Bank is one of the most rapidly developing credit institutions in Latvia. The Bank has fully concentrated its activity on the needs of Customers, offering strategically advantageous business instruments.

The pledge of the Bank’s success – an individual approach to each Customer, a steady attitude towards risks and a high professionalism of employees!

JSC Latvijas pasta banka
54 Brivibas street
Riga, LV-1011, Latvia
Phone: +371 67772999
E-mail: info@lpb.lv




The LAVECO Group was founded 25 years ago, in 1991, in Budapest. The Group currently consists of 6 offices: Hungary, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Hong Kong, the Seychelles and the United Arab Emirates. The local LAVECO companies in Cyprus and the Seychelles are licensed corporate service providers (these activities are not subject to licenses in Hungary, Bulgaria and Hong Kong).

The formation and administration of offshore and resident companies in different countries, together with the opening of bank accounts and the provision of all related services have been the main activities of the company since it was first established. Today, when more and more restrictions are being placed on the use of offshore companies, the LAVECO Group of companies provides its clients with exclusive solutions, facilitating the reduction of taxes legally and without using offshore companies.

Services of the LAVECO Group:

• company registration in Hungary and Bulgaria;
• registration of resident companies in Cyprus, Hong Kong and the UAE;
• registration of offshore companies in 20 jurisdictions;
• opening of current bank accounts in Hungary for both Hungarian and foreign companies;
• opening of bank accounts in 7 countries;
• accounting and auditing services;
• legal services;
• provision of permanent residence and citizenship both within and outside the EU;
• provision of real office space in Hungary.

+36 1 456 7200 — Hungarian office
+36 30 219 10 43 — Ekaterina Varadi, Russian language, corporate services
+357 97 879 976 — Adelina Santis, provision of permanent residence and citizenship

LMG Lighthouse Trust reg.

LMG Lighthouse Trust reg.

LMG Lighthouse Trust reg.

As an independent and licensed trust company based in the Principality of Liechtenstein, LMG Lighthouse Trust is headed and entirely owned by Dr. Lins and his two partners. As a team of experienced trust- and tax-lawyers, LMG is specialized in corporate and financial consultancy giving legal advice in the various fields of Wealth Management including the formation, administration and accounting of companies, foundations and trusts. Having multi-lingual professionals and supporting-staff, LMG operates on a client-oriented approach on the basis of traditional values such as reliability, strict confidentiality, trust and constancy. The consultancy services offered by LMG are characterized by a high degree of creativity, individuality and actuality, whereby the anticipation of future developments in and around Liechtenstein and the support of an extensive international network of professionals is gathered for tailor-made solutions for our private and professional clients.


MDL Advisers DMCC

MDL Advisers DMCC

MDL Advisers DMCC

MDL Advisers DMCC was established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in December 2015.

Nowadays UAE is fast-developed and business oriented country, ready to offer a lot of benefits to the investors such as: 100% foreign ownership, no personal income or capital gain taxes, no duties on export or import, 100% repatriation of capital and profits, etc.

MDL Advisers DMCC offers full set of services pertaining company incorporation in UAE such as: company registration, receiving Emirates Residences, opening corporate and individual bank accounts in UAE, company audits and legal opinions, receiving individual and corporate Tax Residence Certificates, etc.

Company represents advantageous and well-known Free Zones in different Emirates such as: Ajman Free Zone(AFZ), Dubai Multi Commodities Center(DMCC), Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), Dubai South Free Zone and many others.

MDL Advisers DMCC is in cooperation with main and reputed banks in UAE.

Company has individual approach to every client and ready to offer best solutions in rapidly changing conditions.


Norvik Banka

Norvik Banka

Norvik Banka

Norvik Banka — универсальный коммерческий банк.

Банк является частью группы Norvik, в состав которой также входят российский ПАО «Норвик Банк» и Norvik Banka UK Limited, Лондон.

Профессиональная команда и высокое качество сервиса позволяют банку уверенно удерживать лидирующие позиции на рынке финансовых услуг.

С 1997 года банк уверенно развивается и за пределами Латвии — в России и странах СНГ, активно развивает партнерскую сеть в Украине, Казахстане, Узбекистане, Азербайджане, Литве, Эстонии, Чехии, Словакии, Китае и других странах.

Norvik Banka предоставляет полный спектр классических банковских услуг: открытие и обслуживание мультивалютных счетов, круглосуточный удаленный доступ к счету, денежные переводы, широкий спектр платежных карт с различными возможностями, депозиты, брокерское обслуживание и много другое.



Novira Corporate Services

Novira Corporate Services

Novira Corporate Services

Novira Corporate Services (www.corporate.ee) was established in 2012 with the aim of providing corporate services for foreign business people in Estonia.

Novira Corporate Services provides the following services:

• Immigration services (preparation of application for and arrangement of receipt of residence permits and visas). Consultations and arrangement for investments
• Searching for investment objects for the client and arrangement of acquisitions/entry transactions for the client
• Business consultations in Estonia
• Structuring of business according to the client’s needs: anonymity, tax optimisation, diversification of risks and protection of actives
• Arrangement of bank and mezzanine financing in Estonia
• Consultations for and arrangement of relocation of businesses to Estonia
• Legal and accounting services

Novira Corporate Services has facilitated starting such projects as: Novira Capital (www.novira.ee):

Novira Capital is an international capital based company established in 2013, which is involved in financing and development of large-scale real estate projects. The company’s portfolio includes development projects in attractive areas of Tallinn City Centre.

Novira Capital finances the development projects of office and commercial properties as well as apartment buildings and hotels with the aim of optimising the capital structure of the projects. Novira Capital offers a flexible mezzanine loan, which is adjusted to each individual real estate project, depending on its risk level, volume and schedule. Additionally, Novira Capital provides consultation services for companies involved in real estate development in designing and improving sales products, and helps realising sales plans.

BestCredit (www.bestcredit.ee) is a financing company established in 2012, which holds an activity licence from the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority.

Novira Corporate Services has helped its clients in:

• Establishing and starting their business in Estonia
• Investing into projects in Estonia and earn profits in a safe manner
• Solving immigration issues related to obtaining visas and residence permits
• Solving tax issues related to their business activities
• Including bank or mezzanine financing into business projects
• Solving other questions related to foreign persons living and doing business in Estonia

Novira Corporate Services
Tartu mnt 25, Novira Plaza, Tallinn, Estonia
+372 57 877 877 | aleksei.nikolajenko@novira.ee

NTL Trust Limited

NTL Trust Limited

NTL Trust Limited

NTL is based in St Kitts and Nevis, where it is one of the oldest and largest licensed financial services companies, besides being licensed by the Citizenship by Investment Unit for processing economic citizenship applications. Since its foundation in 1994 it has helped thousands of clients with formation of companies, settlement of trusts, and citizenship by investment. Other services include bank account opening, vessel registration and precious metals storage.

Today NTL has offices in St Kitts, Nevis, Dominica, Latvia and Hong Kong and provides services in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese. NTL’s clients are high net worth individuals, family offices and their professional advisers.

In 2010 NTL established a specialist division to provide a new high level of expertise and professionalism in bringing economic citizenship and business immigration services to citizens of Russia and CIS, covering St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, and the Commonwealth of Dominica. Besides advising private clients, NTL also advises governments on implementation of economic development programs. The highly-trained and friendly experts at NTL can answer all the questions you may have regarding business immigration.


Pafilia Property Developers LTD

Pafilia Property Developers LTD

Pafilia Property Developers LTD

Founded in 1977, Pafilia is the largest privately owned residential developer in Cyprus, dedicated to delivering the best in concept, design, quality and service. Pafilia is also a market leader in the permanent residency and citizenship through real estate investment programs. The Pafilia promise is to provide first-class properties with exemplary and contemporary facilities and service that offer exceptional choices for both living and investing. Pafilia selects world renowned partners to complement its skills and achieve its innovative project visions. Our extensive and high-quality portfolio, strong partner network and professional personalised service make Pafilia the ideal immigration and property partner in Cyprus.





PROTTECO TRUST COMPANY является членом группы компаний, действующих в области финансового и международного налогового консалтинга с 1992 года, с местонахождением в Чешской Республике, Словакии и на Кипре.
Компания была создана в Чешской Республике специалистами, имеющими двадцатилетний опыт работы в области защиты активов и международного налогового планирования. В настоящее время в компании работают 150 специалистов в области налогообложения, права, корпоративного управления и администрирования.
В частности, PROTTECO специализируется на международном налоговом планировании и консалтинге по защите активов с использованием чешских и словацких компаний, предлагающих интересные налоговые бонусы и высокий уровень конфеденциальности.

Наше предложение особенно актуально для решения вопросов клиентов, уже имеющих юридические лица в других юрисдикциях, которые в настоящее время пострадали от применения санкций или строгих мер по борьбе с уклонением от налогов.

Типичные решения для наших международных клиентов включают в себя:

• чешские и словацкие агентские компании для международной торговли,
• Словацкие холдинговые компании с освобожденным от налогов потоком дивидендов,
• чешские компании с анонимными акционерами,
• словацкие компании с «тихими» партнерами,
• чешские фонды

Мы предлагаем следующие услуги:

•международное налоговое планирование и консалтинг по защите активов,
•формирование и управление компаниями в Чешской Республике и Словакии,
•услуги номинальных директоров и акционеров,
•активное управление компанией,
•бухгалтерские и аудиторские услуги,
•услуги доверительного управления.


Suxess Management Ltd

Suxess Management Ltd

Suxess Management Ltd

Suxess Management Ltd is an independent, client focused provider of corporate and trust services worldwide. Suxess is a rapidly expanding organization that has developed a particular expertise in the formation of international business companies in Cyprus and other major jurisdictions, Administration of those companies and advising on international tax structures.

Suxess provides a comprehensive portfolio of services individually tailored to accommodate clients’ needs including provision of registered agents services, registered office facilities, corporate secretarial services, general administration services and nominee directors, trustee shareholders, citizenship for foreign investors, real estate and banking facilities in Cyprus.

Our main services are:


•Company formation
•Nominee Services
•International Tax Planning
•Residents Employment Permits
•Applications for Citizenship
•International Collective Investment Schemes (ICISs)
•Business Advisory Services
•Virtual Offices/domain name/email packages


•Company Law
•Business Immigration Law
•Labour Law
•Shipping Law
•Intellectual property Law

Suxess Group consists of professionals with in-depth knowledge and broad experience and expertise, offering complete services to local and overseas clients and supported by a global network of associates in related fields.

Suxess Team aims to provide the best professional services to all clients, understanding their individual needs and ensuring prompt and efficient handling. We guarantee professional and personal integrity, experience combined with insight, total discretion and reliable efficiency.


TGR Payments Ltd

TGR Payments Ltd

TGR Payments Ltd

TGR Payments- компания, базирующаяся в Лондоне и предлагающая безопасный международный платежный сервис. Мы предоставляем конвертацию 144 валют, включая валюты развивающихся стран.

Работа c TGR дает возможность клиентам уйти от сложного банковского регулирования и отчетности, производить быстрые платежи в режиме 24/7, обменивать валюты по минимальным курсам.

TGR Payments это платежная компания, которая упрощает международную торговлю для малого и среднего бизнеса.


Trinity Services Inc.

Trinity Services Inc.

Trinity Services Inc.

International Corporate Services Provider

Trinity Services Inc., regulated with HMRC in the United Kingdom and licensed by the International Financial Services Commission in Belize, has been in the industry of International Corporate Services since 1990. We offer professional corporate services to a vast clientele including multi-national corporations, law firms, fiduciary & corporate services providers, private individuals & reputable Bankers worldwide.

We provide professional services including:

• Company Formation (Belize, BVI, Hong Kong, Ireland, Scotland, U.K.)
• Vintage Companies
• Registered Agent & Office Services
• Company Administration & Management Services
• Trust Formation & Trustee Services
• Nominee Services/Custodial Services & Virtual Office Services
• Special Licensing (Forex & Financial Services Licenses)
• Bank Account Introductions

Trinity Services Inc. is a well-established, leading Offshore Services Provider in Belize with offices also located in Panama, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom. We understand operational responsibility is paramount to the success of your business; therefore, we have invested in the skills, knowledge & trained professionals to ensure that we can reliably deliver expert services to our clients.

Trinity Services Inc.
Suite 102, Ground Floor, Blake Building,
Cor. Eyre & Hutson Streets,
Belize City, Belize, Central America
Email: trinitysales@btl.net
Tel: +501 223 2839
Fax: +501 223 3004
Mobile: +501 610 5140

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone Authority

Umm Al Quwain Free Trade Zone Authority


UAQ FTZ is the Free Zone of the future, where progressive companies – regardless of the sector in which they operate – can enjoy doing business in a safe, secure and prosperous environment. Situated close to the UAE’s primary sea ports and within 40 minutes’ drive from Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport, UAQ FTZ is the perfect location to position any business within easy access to the rest of the world.

UAQ FTZ offers flexibility and ease of doing business, customer-friendly approach, Investor-friendly climate, excellent growth opportunities, cost-effective leasing options for office space, land and warehousing.